Lori Dechant Foundation

Update from our first scholarship recipient!

Hello Lori!
College is going very well for me this first semester. I am really enjoying it. I struggled the few first weeks in college with getting to know the campus and trying to figure out how I would do some of my assignments online. My teachers were very helpful and understanding of my disability. I am getting all A’s and B’s in all of my classes so far. The disability services office at Wichita State University has been extremely helpful with getting me around campus in a golf cart and scheduling my tests. I get extended time on my tests as well as a private room, and my tests are blown up in a bigger font so I can see them better. I have made quite a few friends at the disability services office and in the classroom. I cannot express how thankful I am to have received the Lori Dechant scholarship. The scholarship has been a major help in paying for tuition.
Love to Lori!

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