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Update from our first scholarship recipient!

Hello Lori!
College is going very well for me this first semester. I am really enjoying it. I struggled the few first weeks in college with getting to know the campus and trying to figure out how I would do some of my assignments online. My teachers were very helpful and understanding of my disability. I am getting all A’s and B’s in all of my classes so far. The disability services office at Wichita State University has been extremely helpful with getting me around campus in a golf cart and scheduling my tests. I get extended time on my tests as well as a private room, and my tests are blown up in a bigger font so I can see them better. I have made quite a few friends at the disability services office and in the classroom. I cannot express how thankful I am to have received the Lori Dechant scholarship. The scholarship has been a major help in paying for tuition.
Love to Lori!

1st Scholarship Awarded!

Congratulations to our first recipient of the Lori Dechant Foundation scholarship, Savannah from Northwest High School in Wichita.  Savannah will be attending Wichita State University and is planning to major in business. Savannah is an excellent student and has not let her disability stand in the way of her goals. Congratulations Savannah!


After 2 years of planning and hard work, we are very excited about the launch of the Lori Dechant Foundation and awarding our first scholarship on April 15th, 2015!  We are looking forward to hearing from deserving students who wish to further their educational careers.  We would like to thank our lawyer, Hellen Haag, for helping us through the long non-profit process and Molly Hawkins from Puget Sound Creative for designing this beautiful website.  I would also like to thank our board members for helping out with the process and coming together to share ideas about how we can make this foundation succeed in the years to come.  We hope to have a few fundraisers throughout the year so please check the site periodically for updates or follow us on Facebook.  If you know of anyone who might qualify for a scholarship please send them our way.  Also, any donation large or small would be much appreciated to help us keep this foundation growing.

The Dechant Family